Quality, environment, occupational health and safety policy

To provide guidance and Trailer Services in Tuzla Aydınlı Bay, to import and sell grit material used in rashing operations in construction and maintenance of new ships, to clean the sea from solid wastes in Tuzla Aydınlı Bay, to provide port services in order to provide environmental consultancy services pursuant to Environment Law 2872.

to ensure that Shipbuildings imported by shipyards

  • to contribute to the country’s economy by strengthening our stakeholders ‘ international competitive position
  • to receive feedback with the awareness of meeting the expectations and needs of our stakeholders effectively and efficiently, and to continuously improve our process activities to meet the expectations and needs according to the information obtained through these notifications.
  • to produce fast solutions at the point of services offered to our stakeholders by providing information and system superiority through advanced technological studies,
  • After determination of need;
  • our employees: personal development, gaining expertise, raising awareness, qualification, informing management systems and so on. improving the development, performance and process activities of our employees by providing trainings on the subjects,
  • to increase the participation and motivation of all employees by creating social activity areas and realizing social responsibility projects,
  • to ensure continuous improvement of the Quality Management System, Environmental Management System in order to increase environmental performance, and ISG management system and ISG performance
  • to prevent and/or reduce adverse environmental impacts and to prevent environmental pollution by increasing positive environmental impacts;
  • to establish a safe working environment in order to ensure the effective implementation of measures to prevent injuries and health (physical and mental) deterioration and/or reduce the risk levels of occupational hazards to acceptable levels;
  • fulfilling the applicable requirements within the scope of quality management systems, fulfilling the obligations in accordance with the environmental legislation within the scope of environmental management systems and undertaking to comply with the OHS legislation and other requirements within the scope of Occupational Health and safety,

gisaş is committed and implemented in order to protect and strengthen its competitive position with a focus on future years.

customer relationship policy

Transparency: all our communication channels are open to you.

Accessibility: our customers can contact us 24 hours a day for complaints, requests and questions, at 0216 446 0081.

Objectivity: complaints, requests and questions about any issue are evaluated without prejudice and fairly.

Fee: complaints, requests and questions are evaluated and resolved without any charge.

Privacy: protecting customer data is extremely important.

Customer focus: we offer effective, realistic and practical solutions to customers who always deserve the best, meet their needs and protect their rights at all times.

Continuous improvement: continuous improvement of our services and investments continue without a break.

Professionalism: it offers its customers the best service with its expert staff.