We Are Here As Gisaş Family At The Istanbul International Environment Summit!

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality 06-07-08.Twelve.At the Istanbul International Environment Summit held at Eurasia show and Art Center in 2018, GISAŞ Arkan Insaat San. A.S. and as GISBIR Shipbuilding Industry Association, We took part in US to Share our awareness of Zero Waste Project and our organization’s activities in this process and to add significant values to this project.

In order to instill zero waste consciousness and ensure sustainability, Mr. President’S wife, Emine Erdoğan, mentioned the studies carried out to minimize plastic consumption and to decrease the amount of waste by separating the source and said that they aimed at reducing the amount of waste in the field of the booth by visiting the stands and they received information about the

Our guests who visited our stand established in partnership with gisaş and gisbir were informed about the Zero Waste Project and the activities of our company in Istanbul Tuzla shipyards region by our environmental consultancy unit personnel throughout the fair.

During the fair, panels were made for recycling as a key way to prevent environmental pollution, environmental predictions for Livable Cities, negative impacts of climate change and Prevention ways, environmental benefits of national technology and strategic transformation moves, information about environmental factors in transportation and participation of all participants in the event of a livable environment.