GISAS Pier is a company in Tuzla Shipyards Region.

As known, the main element of imports, freight transport services, ends with port services. Therefore, it is a total length of 200 meters.

Tuzla Port: From Yelkenkaya Lighthouse (Latitude 40.45’40 ik North, longitude 29.21’30 29 East) Latitude 40.48’40 i North, Longitude 29.09’00 .2 East Point and Pendik Cape (Latitude 40.52’30 Light North North, Longitude 29.13 ‘ 10 East Easter.

Total number of berths: 2,
Total berth length: 200 meters
No.1 dock: 100 meters, draft: 8.6-9.0 meters
No.2 berth: 100 meters, draft: 8.6-9.2 meters
Total open storage area: 6.200 m²

  • Our company is located in Tuzla GISAS Dock which is located in Tuzla GISAS Industrial Area in Tuzla. is in operation of GISAS Shipbuilding Industry Inc. and
  • GISAS Port, International Maritime Organization (IMO). IS International Code of Conduct (ISPS Code).
  • GISAS Tuzla berth is 2 m high from the sea. GISAS Tuzla Quay has 120.000 tons dry bulk cargo, 240.000 tons general cargo loading / evacuation capacity.
  • GISAS The maximum of 130 m. It has a capacity of 120 ships / year with a length of 8000 DWT.
  • There are 7 father and 6 anele at Gisas Tuzla Quay. Furthermore, there are 2 fathers on the inside of a quay and a fire every 50m.
  • At the entrance of Aydınli Bay, at the north end of the docks, there is a torch with a view of FIGS.
  • There are no weighing processes in GISAS Tuzla Quay.
  • There are 5 masts for lighting at the berth. There are two 1000 Watts and two 400 Watts projector on each mast. The projectors are projectors. There is also a generator supporting the transformer.
  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and OHSAS 18001. For emergency situations (fire, earthquake, flood, etc.)
  • In the scope of the ISPS CODE certificate, there are 7 security personnel in the system. Two security guards at work In addition, the docks and their surroundings are under control.