GISAŞ Inc. for newly built or repair of ships used in the blasting process pooled “grit” in the import and sale of materials, is Turkey’s number one company. Turkey used herein blasted the shipyard in general “Grit” (nickel slag); The conditions set by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and world norms are imported and presented to the use of shipyards.

The abrasion of paint and rust on the ship’s sheet is considered to be the most suitable product for blasting, which is an important stage of the paint preparation procedure, although it is an effort to develop alternative methods, in terms of hardness and dusting in grit open areas.

During these periods of advance rapidly the search for alternatives, our company is ambitious about grit sales continues to Turkey’s Shipbuilding Industry to be in a position of world class and Taking the road from the goal of maintaining its investigation of cost effective method of keeping the researcher and developer of identity this issue in the forefront and work in the administration of matters.