Environmental Consultancy Service

Environmental Management Service Department within GİSAŞ Gemi İnşa San. A.Ş. Company, started providing Environmental Management Service to facilities in Maritime Industry as Shipyards conducting business in Tuzla, within the scopes of “Regulation on Environmental Management Services”, “Environmental Inspection/Control Regulation” and “Environmental Permit and License Regulation” by receiving the “Qualification Certificate for Providing Environmental Consultancy Services” numbered ÇDYB- 0470 on 14.01.2011 issued by Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

A team formed of 11 specialists, 8 of which are Environmental Engineers and 1 Chemical Engineer and 1 Biologist and 1 Aquaculture Engineer, works within the Environmental Management Service Department.

As of 2020, Aside from Environmental Management Service and with achievement of success in Training 6 Environmental Engineers found in Environmental Management Service Department staff, on Regulation Training for Environmental Management of Dredging Material; it began providing service on the subject of Environmental Management of Dredging Material.

Taking it as a duty to provide perfect service in all matters in the area of environmental control, GİSAŞ Gemi İnşa Sanayi A.Ş. Company, adopts taking all kinds of measures in protecting sustainable environment and doing the works necessary in the areas it serves as company principles.

Within the Scope of Environmental Management Service

• To transfer necessary information on Environmental Legislation,
• To carry out the practices that the facilities are responsible for on environmental matters in accordance with the legislation.
• To organize informative trainings and encouraging environmental activities for employees on environmental issues,
• To perform the works of receiving, renewing and updating such documents/certificates as permits/licenses etc.,
• To make mandatory notifications in accordance with the legislation,
• To prepare a Waste Management Plan and assure waste management,
• To ensure Environmental Management of Dredging Material,
• To ensure establishment of Management of Zero Waste system,
• To prepare the annual internal audit plan and ensure its implementation in accordance with the legislation,
• To conduct data monitoring/measuring/assessment and/or evaluation studies at Tuzla Bay,
• And to provide services such as being present during audits to be made by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and/or Corporation and Organization to which it has delegated authority.