GİSAŞ Gemi İnşa Sanayi A.Ş. is one of the very first companies to receive license of authorization within the scope of “Notice in regards to Operating Procedures of Coastal Facilities and Electing Companies/Corporations/Organizations to Assign the Responsibility of Responding to Cases of Emergencies in Pollution of the Marine Environment with Oil and Other Hazardous Substances and Companies/Corporations/Organizations having Authorization License.
By making the initial response necessary in a possible environmental crises / disaster in Tuzla Shipyards Area along with organizing and/or coordinating “Common Risk Assessment and Emergency Response Plan of Shipyards Located in Tuzla Shipyards Area” approved within the scope of “Law and Practicing Regulation on Rules of Emergency Response and Compensation for Damages in Pollution of the Marine Environment with Petroleum and Other Harmful / Hazardous Substances” numbered 5312; GİSAŞ Gemi İnşa San. A.Ş., with its Authorization License for Emergency Response at Sea, provides service 24/7 with its trained personnel and equipment made of latest technology products to prevent the spread of pollution, caused by spill of oil and other hazardous and dangerous substances, to environment by responding to it the minute it occurs; to protect environmental values from being destroyed and sustain ecological balance and to eliminate current damages and to perform rehabilitation operations. GİSAŞ, with the authorization license it obtained, performed seven, fast and successful, clean-up works, up to this day, by responding to seven sea water pollution incidents that occurred at Tuzla Bay.

GİSAŞ, together with undertaking the training organization of personnel to work actively in response team and performing “Drills for Preparedness to Marine Pollution” once every six months within the scope of coastal facility risk assessment and emergency response plans prepared for removal and prevention of environmental pollution, especially at sea, caused by spill of oil and other hazardous substances, continues to provide Service at Aydınlı Bay of Tuzla with its “Emergency Response Plan Preparation Authorization” that it received in year 2021 from Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change.