GISAS Shipbuilding Industry Inc.; No. 5312 is one of the first companies to obtain authorization certificates under the Communiqué No. 2009/4 on ına Emergency Response in the Pollution of Marine Environment with Petroleum and Other Hazardous Substances Zarar.

GISAS Shipbuilding San. Inc. ; Joint Risk Assessment and Emergency Response Plan of the Shipyards in the Tuzla – Shipyards Region within the scope of the esinde Law and Implementation Regulation on Emergency Response and Damage Compensation Principles in the Pollution of the Marine Environment by Oil and Other Harmful Substances Ters published in the Official Gazette dated 21.10.2006 and numbered 26326 Birlikte providing coordination; Within the scope of Emergency Response Service; In Tuzla Shipyards Region, by making the first necessary intervention in a possible environmental disaster; It has the ability to prevent the destruction, destruction and destruction of environmental values ​​and ecological balance, to eliminate existing spoilage and to carry out rehabilitation works. It is ready to provide 24/7 service with trained personnel and state-of-the-art equipment with emergency response plans to prevent and eliminate environmental pollution caused by oil and other harmful substances at sea. Up to this time, GİSAŞ has carried out a successful study on 4 marine pollution in Tuzla Bay with the certificate of authorization it has received.