The process of handling complaints

As gisaş, we aim to keep our customers ‘ satisfaction at the highest level in our services. For this purpose, we have implemented our complaints handling procedure in order to evaluate your complaints objectively and objectively, and your complaints are evaluated and resolved on issues that you do not find sufficient to meet the demands and needs of our customers.

all complaints received by gisas by telephone, fax, e-mail and on the gisas website are recorded and objectively assessed, regardless of who the complaining person or entity is.

-the complainant is informed on a regular basis from the acceptance of the complaint until a settlement is reached. The customer is informed about the process by returning to the customer on the business day when the complaint is received from the customer during the working hours, and on the business day when the complaint is received from the customer on the first working day after the complaint is received.

-if the complainant is justified in the complaint, the victim will be compensated according to the mutual agreement reached with the complainant. If there is a discrepancy arising from the complainant’s own practices, alternative solutions are produced and communicated to the complainant when necessary.

The complaint is intended to be resolved within 5 working days at the latest. However, if the complaint is not resolved within 5 working days, the customer is informed.

complaints under the responsibility of gisaş are evaluated by the relevant GISAŞ staff and the necessary activities are decided for the solution. Corrective / preventive action is initiated and monitored by the complaint management representative for chronic, repeated problems.

the customer is informed about the process of evaluating the complaints and the activities performed.

After the complaint is closed, the customer is asked to evaluate the performance of the complaint handling in the e-mail, telephone, fax or face-to-face interview regarding the closure of the complaint.

Privacy policy

the information, documents and records obtained during the handling of complaints and objections are confidential and are not given to third parties under any circumstances. Gisaş informs the customer when it is obliged to provide information to third parties due to legal requirements.

First Name Surname: Sevinç Altan
The task: Complaint Management Representative
E-Mail: [email protected]
Phone: 0216 446 00 81 Pbx (359)
GSM: +90 533 109 9628
Fax: 0216 446 06 83

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