Complaints Handling Process

As GİSAŞ, we aim to keep the satisfaction of our customers at the highest level in our services. For this purpose, our complaints handling procedure is implemented in order to evaluate the complaint applications from you in a fair, objective and impartial manner, in matters that you do not find sufficient in meeting the requests and needs of our customers. and your complaints are evaluated and resolved by our experienced staff, without any charge.
GİSAŞ puts the customer at the center in the complaint acceptance and solution process and offers customer-oriented methods and solutions. The principles of commitment and punctuality are adhered to in all conditions in the processes of examination and resolution of complaints and suggestions.
GİSAŞ has undertaken and announced to all stakeholders that it will handle complaints effectively and efficiently and resolve complaints through the Procedure and Policy.
In our policy, it has been committed by the senior management that the resources (human, training, etc.) needed to eliminate complaints and improve our customers’ satisfaction will be provided.
GİSAŞ Complaint acceptance ways have been diversified to facilitate the access by customers( Customer suggestion-complaint panel on phone, e-mail, website). The Customer Relations link on our website is on the main page and has a remarkable dimensional structure. All written information regarding the delivery of complaints is written in a readable size and structure and in an understandable language. Complaints received by phone are answered by our trained personnel according to the specified rules and necessary guidance is provided.
Documentation required for complaint management has been created and complaints are managed through the documentation structure within the system. Thus, it is possible to reach every stage of the complaint process to examine the information.
The complainant is informed at regular intervals from the acceptance of the complaint until an agreement is reached for solution. The complainant is free to receive information on the subject at any time and in any period, apart from regular information. Information is given about the process to the complainant, for complaints received from the customer during working hours, on the business day the complaint is received and for complaints outside of working hours, on the first working day after the complaint is received. The plan determined according to the priority of the complaint is shared with the customer. All information shared with the customer is kept in its original form without any change.
If the complainant is justified in its complaint, the complaint will be remedied according to the mutual agreement to be reached with the complainant. If there is a non-compliance arising from the complainant’s own practices, this situation is communicated to the complainant by producing alternative solutions when necessary.
It is aimed to resolve the complaint within 5 working days at the latest. However, if the complaint is of a size that cannot be resolved within 5 business days, the customer is informed.
The complaints under the responsibility of GİSAŞ are evaluated by the relevant GİSAŞ personnel and the action required for solution is decided. Corrective action is initiated and followed up by the complaint management representative for chronic and recurring problems.
The customer is informed about the evaluation process of the complaints and the activities carried out.
After the complaint is closed, the customer is asked to evaluate the performance of the customer satisfaction management system and the handling of the complaint regarding the closure of the complaint by e-mail, on telephone and fax or face to face meeting
Non-conformities are recorded that encountered by GİSAŞ customer satisfaction management system; it is continuously improved with corrective and remedial activities and management review meetings.

Privacy policy

the information, documents and records obtained during the handling of complaints and objections are confidential and are not given to third parties under any circumstances. Gisaş informs the customer when it is obliged to provide information to third parties due to legal requirements.

First Name Surname: Sevinç Altan
The task: Complaint Management Representative
E-Mail: [email protected]
Phone: 0216 446 00 81 Pbx (359)
GSM: +90 533 109 9628
Fax: 0216 446 06 83

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