Our Maritime Ambassadors Community Volunteers House is Opening

We, as GİSAŞ family, undersigned many social responsibility projects with our awareness of everyone’s right to live a healthy life within a natural, balanced environment.

With Maritime Volunteers Project, which we added anew, we targeted, together with cooperation of Turkish Shipbuilders’ Association (GİSBİR) that we are going to travel together on this road and TURMEPA that leading the way, to leave clean waters for future generations.

On this important day on which we are opening our Volunteers Home, during the speeches after the ribbon was cut by GİSBİR President of Board of Directors Mr. Murat KIRAN, TURMEPA President of Board of Directors Mr. Şadan KAPTANOĞLU and GİSAŞ President of Board of Directors Mr. Bilgehan BAYRAMOĞLU, expressed their opinions on industrial basis and stated that they will always be with us on the environmental basis. Always a promise is made through these types of projects, as the promise made of Tuzla Shipyards Region to lead the way, a promise made of starting studies that are aiming to minimize waste at its source such as the one started with zero waste project in our industry and a promise made of supporting prevention of waste formation at our seas such as with zero waste blue project. The participation of the members of GİSBİR board of directors and Mr. Müslüm KAHRAMAN, the Chief of Tuzla Police Department, has been the forerunner that our project will reach large audiences.

In the continuation of event, program was introduced by a small presentation under the name of “What is Maritime Volunteers Program?” by TURMEPA Volunteer(s) Department Manager Miss Belgin ERGÜL, our current volunteers in regards to this program being conducted under the GİSAŞ & GİSBİR were introduced by Miss Elif Gizem ALBAYRAK, Environmental Coordinator of our company and projects to be planned were discussed and finally by conveying our major goal being to include many volunteer friends under our roof, the message of we are ready, together with our volunteers, we are making a zero waste blue promise was given.