Maritime Cabotage Festival

Following the speeches, the team of Beşiktaş Municipality Band team, Beykoz Municipality folk dances team, Istanbul Technical University band Trampet team and Mehter team of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality handicapped people also performed.

Maritime and Cabotage feast was celebrated in Istanbul with various events.

Maritime and Cabotage feast, Istanbul Governor Vasip şahin, General Manager of Coastal Safety Hızırreis Deniz, Board chairman Murat Kıran and Gisaş Shipbuilding Sana. A.S.  Chairman of the Board of Directors Bilgehan Bayramoğlu was celebrated with the participation of the ceremony held in Beşiktaş.

Following the ceremony, Governor şahin visited the Tomb of Hızırreis Deniz, Murat Kıran, Bilgehan Bayramoğlu and his companions Barbaros Hayrettin Pasha. After your visit, Governor Sahin signed his memoirs.

From here, the Coast Guard ship is waiting for the Governor Sahin, Hızırreis Deniz, Murat Kıran, Bilgehan Bayramoğlu and the accompanying delegation left Çelenk to the Istanbul Strait and watched the ceremony held in the Bosporus.

At the ceremony held in the Bosporus, water demonstration was performed with the accompaniment of the marine vehicles belonging to the Coast Guard and the Gisaş 8 marine vehicles belonging to Gisaş.