Join Hands for Clean Tuzla

We as GİSAŞ family, aimed to be a leader in environmental subjects. Being aware of the nature that life has presented to us, we experienced the happiness of adding a new one to our efforts of attention and awareness that we pay to our social responsibility project in order to leave a clean environment for our future.

During this period, following the opening of our Maritime Ambassadors’ Volunteer House, without disrupting the tradition, we continued with performing our traditional coastal clean-up activity in 2019 as we did in previous years; however, this time we were more powerful than before, because we joined hands with TURMEPA. During this activity which we carried out together with TURMEPA, we talked about the significance of voluntarism for us and were informed by TURMEPA trainers on such subjects as team works and workshop trainings, coastal clean-up activities, weighing the collected waste and calculating the earnings from waste.

From the information we obtained we realized that we have collected total of 263 kg of waste. According to zero waste regulation /directive, from the waste we sorted out onsite, we have saved 650 kwh energy by collecting total of 46.4 kg of plastic waste, 325 lt of water by collecting total of 13 kg paper waste, 3 kg raw material by collecting total of 3.9 kg metal waste and 17.8 lt of oil by collecting total of 178 kg glass waste materials. Finally, we ensured to collect, not just our health’s but also the nature’s biggest and worst enemy, with at least 2 years period to decompose in nature, 500 pieces of cigarette stubs from the lakeside.

As GİSAŞ family, in order to leave a clean heritage to future generations, we are going to continue being the pioneer of this kinds of projects.