Happy World Environment Day

Healthy living is only possible through a clean and sustainable environment. Environment, which is significantly important for our physical and mental health, is being destroyed more and more with each passing day as result of unplanned industrialization, increase in pollution factors/pollutants together with increasing population, uncontrolled use of natural resources and individual and social insensitivity and this situation is becoming dangerous for us. Every single devastation we deem ourselves entitled to by saying or thinking “What is the big deal if someone leaves the water on while brushing their teeth or uses a plastic bag?” combined with the fact that the world population is approximately 8 billion, this will make us realize that the world will come to an end much quicker than we think. We must aim to preserve nature and turn waste into money through recycling if we are aware, and if we prevent waste by consuming no more than what we need and preferring to use recyclable product. Thanks to recyclable materials, due to which we can minimize use of natural resources as water/fossil fuel, used in every step of production and minimize pollutants thusly steer towards a sustainable life by preserving nature and saving economy by turning waste into money. In line with this goal, we can look at tomorrow with hope in proportion to every individual doing his/her share of responsibilities.

In accordance with researches it is seen that one fourth of water used in agricultural irrigation (approximately 26.6 billion m³) is wasted with a year’s worth food loss and waste; and it is further seen that when a (1) ton of paper is recycled, approximately 32 m³ water is saved, which correspond to consumption of 3 families per month. We may leave a beautiful word to future generations if we adopt consuming no more than what we need, prefer to use environment friendly products during our consumption and utilize the waste formed as result of our consumption in an accurate fashion as our principle.

We, as GİSAŞ GEMİ İNŞA SANAYİ A.Ş. in line with this principle we presented our stakeholders with environmentally friendly products made from recyclable materials, degradable in nature, reusable and derived from waste. We wish this to be a good start first for our close circle and then for the whole world. With the hope of social awareness on environment will continue to increase and leaving a clean world for future generations Happy June the 5th, World Environment Day!