GİSAŞ POWER Electrical Tugboat

GISAŞ became the first operator in the world to include GISAŞ POWER, a zero-emission tugboat, into its fleet.
By including the world’s first all-electric tugboat in its fleet, GISAŞ brought a new vision to other operators in the world within the scope of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN Sustainable Development Goals).

GİSAŞ POWER, a joint R&D project of GİSAŞ – NAVTEK, will find its place in the international platform together with the operator experience of GİSAŞ.

GISAŞ POWER, which works with zero emission, is completely environmentally friendly and started serving within GISAŞ in Aydınlı Bay of Tuzla.

We are proud of being the pioneer of this important project, which is carried out within the scope of decarbonization, which will raise environmental awareness and shape the maritime sector.

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