GİSAŞ, Passed The 2020 Management Systems Control with Success

The management systems certification control was performed between the dates of 30.09.2020-01.10.2020 At GİSAŞ, where we are aiming to provide services that will create added value for our country through solidifying the worldwide competitive structure of Turkish Shipyards and continuing to grow consistently with our professionalized staff moving forward with our mission to take into consideration human and environmental safety, provide service in excellent quality, continue self development in light of our experience in the industry and continue establishing powerful relations with our customers, we became ready to for inspection/control by improving all processes performed within our incorporation within the frame of transition to revision works which we started since the month of June for the new version of ISO 45001 published because of new OHSAS 18001 Standard version had been revised and together with the measures taken by TURKISH LLOYD for the Covid-19 Pandemic, which is continuing for some time. Within the two days in which the Management Systems’ control activities were being performed in our organization in regards to our process activities and to determine whether or not they are these activities are conforming with the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards and that they are effectively in compliance and these managerial conditions are well established in our organization and by carrying out a status determination, we ensured that our company received the ISO 45001 standard certification and certification processes for ISO 9001-ISO 14001 Standards to continue.
General Manager Türkan MANASIR ÖZ, by underlining that the establishment and implementation of management is a team work as well as being continues situation, she thanked the managers and employees, especially the employees of the OHS Department, who contributed to this success.