GİSAŞ, has Earned the Right to Receive Zero Waste Certificate

We, as “GİSAŞ GEMİ İNŞA SANAYİ A.Ş., earned the right to receive “Basic Level Zero Waste Certificate” by installing an effective and efficient management system with equipments in accordance with and within the scope of Zero Waste Regulation / Directive which came into effect after being published in the issue 30829 of Official Gazette dated 12. 07.2019. Our company, with the zero waste management system it established, aims to prevent or avoid waste altogether, use resources more efficiently, minimize waste created, establish effective waste – garbage collection system and recycle waste. In accordance with this target, we are sensitive towards ensuring continuity in practice, making the system available better or improve, raising awareness of citizens aside from our personnel, lightening the burden of nature and paying great attention to environmental health. On top of it all, in addition to this system that we apply in our company; we also desire having qualified documents with our environment friendly projects which we realized before and are planning to realize in future. Also as a pioneer to shipyards, which we provide service within the scope of environmental consultancy, all our works continue at full speed to include into the zero waste management system.

For looking at future with hope, we must join hands and make world a better place; we promise for zero waste.