Our Maritime Ambassadors Community Volunteers House is Opening

We, as GİSAŞ family, undersigned many social responsibility projects with our awareness of everyone’s right to live a healthy life within a natural, balanced environment. With Maritime Volunteers Project, which we added anew, we targeted, together with cooperation of Turkish Shipbuilders’ Association (GİSBİR) that we are going to travel together on this road and TURMEPA […]

GİSAŞ, Passed The 2020 Management Systems Control with Success

The management systems certification control was performed between the dates of 30.09.2020-01.10.2020 At GİSAŞ, where we are aiming to provide services that will create added value for our country through solidifying the worldwide competitive structure of Turkish Shipyards and continuing to grow consistently with our professionalized staff moving forward with our mission to take into […]

GİSAŞ, has Earned the Right to Receive Zero Waste Certificate

We, as “GİSAŞ GEMİ İNŞA SANAYİ A.Ş., earned the right to receive “Basic Level Zero Waste Certificate” by installing an effective and efficient management system with equipments in accordance with and within the scope of Zero Waste Regulation / Directive which came into effect after being published in the issue 30829 of Official Gazette dated […]

Happy World Environment Day

Healthy living is only possible through a clean and sustainable environment. Environment, which is significantly important for our physical and mental health, is being destroyed more and more with each passing day as result of unplanned industrialization, increase in pollution factors/pollutants together with increasing population, uncontrolled use of natural resources and individual and social insensitivity […]

Turkish Lloyd Control 2021

GİSAŞ successfully completed its ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System and ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System controls and / or inspections carried out by Turkish Lloyd. Our Director General Miss Türkan Manasır ÖZ, in her evaluation regarding to this subject said the […]


MEANINGFUL SUPPORT FOR A SUSTAINABLE WORLD With the e-waste Project, Don’t Throw Away, Give Away, started for more children to meet with quality education by Education Volunteers Foundation of Turkey (TEGV), electronic waste are recycled according to legal legislation and income earned is transferred to TEGV as donation. While contributing to children in receiving better […]


21st READINESS AND EMERGENCY RESPONSE DRILL FOR MARINE POLLUTION FROM GİSAŞ   Readiness and Emergency Response Drill for Marine Pollution that had been postponed within the scope of Covid-19 Pandemic measures by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure are going to be restarted with the letter of the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure dated September […]