Readiness and Emergency Response Drill for Marine Pollution that had been postponed within the scope of Covid-19 Pandemic measures by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure are going to be restarted with the letter of the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure dated September 20, 2021. The twenty-first ” Readiness for Marine Pollution Drill November 2021 ” organized by GISAŞ Gemi İnşa Sanayi A.Ş. was held at GİSAŞ Dock on November 16, 2021, with the measures taken within the scope of the pandemic.

Facility Pollution Supervisors of coastal facilities in the Common Risk Assessment and Emergency Response Plan of Shipyards Located in Tuzla Shipyards Region approved by Tuzla Port Authority and Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change and Personnel in the Emergency Response Plan of DFDS Port took part in the drill.

During the drill carried out by GİSAŞ, which is an authorized response company and undertakes the emergency response plan organization of the coastal facilities in Tuzla Bay with its trained expert staff, the ship named ASSOS SEAWAYS, that had left DFDS Port, crashed on the starboard side of the ship named ENAS H, which came to Çındemir Shipyard for maintenance and repair due to the rudder lock. From that point on a drill scenario was created considering that the fuel tank was punctured as a result of the impact and diesel oil spilled into the sea.

According to the scenario, after the crash, the ASSOS SEAWAYS Ship (GİSAŞ VII Tugboat) required to be taken to Tuzla Shipyard Dock by tugboat – towing service and was deployed in a suitable location to respond to pollution emitted from the ENAS H ship (GİSAŞ POWER Tugboat), and the mouth of mole was barricaded with a 200 meter port barrier to prevent spillage from leaving the bay and ENAS H Ship (GİSAŞ POWER Tugboat) was encircled by a 100 meter fence type barrier to keep the diesel spill under control so that no coastal areas were further polluted and a decision was made to collect the spilled diesel with the help of skimmer and sorbent materials.
The drill was concluded with the cleaning of the pollution and sending the collected wastes to the licensed disposal company authorized by the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change.
With the evaluation meeting held at the end of the drill, where the personnel’s proficiency in fulfilling the instructions received during the operation and using the equipment was re-evaluated, it was concluded that the drill was carried out in accordance with the scenario and the personnel successfully fulfilled their duties.

GİSAŞ will continue to serve in Aydınlı Bay of Tuzla with its objective of contributing to cleaner seas and a cleaner environment with its experienced, trained and expert staff.