GİSAŞ Gemi İnşa Sanayi A.Ş.; Tuzla Shipbuilding and Repair was established in 1995 with the participation of the shipyards and sub-industry organizations operating in the Industrial Zone.

The purpose of GİSAŞ Gemi İnşa Sanayi A.Ş. is; the shipyards in the region with their own opportunities and they alone made some of the supply and work of irrational burden was to relieve the load.

GİSAŞ Gemi İnşa Sanayi A.Ş.; Nowadays, it provides the materials and equipment that constitute the main inputs in ship building and repair under suitable conditions to its partners.

GİSAŞ Gemi İnşa Sanayi A.Ş.; Again, it operates the facilities it has implemented with the investments made from the same principle in an integrated structure within the scope of the production activities of the shipyards; Although it is excluded from the shipbuilding activities, the ship building and repair sector provides services that are closely related to the shipyards in appropriate conditions.

GİSAŞ Gemi İnşa Sanayi A.Ş.; Turkey’s largest shipyard in Tuzla region, which constitute the main input materials and equipment Shipyards in ensuring the best possible conditions; keeping the interests of the shipyards, which have partners in the upper levels, strengthens their position in international competition conditions.


  • 2013

    With the document no. 2013-01, eler Training Seminar on Preparing the Sea Environment for Preparedness for Pollution Caused by Oil and Other Hazardous Substances and Proof of Authorization to Organize Program Diğer was obtained. Our authorization documents are updated periodically.

  • 2012

    The MANEVRA software system was commissioned and demand tracking system was started to be used over the internet.

  • 2011

    The company started to provide service with 7 pilot captains, 4 tug boats, 3 mooring boats and 1 pilot boat.

  • 2011

    ÇDYB-0470 documents were obtained with Environmental Consultancy Qualification Certificate and a team of experts started to provide Environmental Consultancy services to the facilities. Our authorization documents are updated periodically.

  • 2010

    2009 / 4-2010 / 09 document Yetki Authorization for Emergency Response to Pollution of Marine Environment by Oil and Other Harmful Substances 4 was obtained. Our authorization documents are updated periodically.

  • 1998

    With the partnership of Dekaş-Med Marine, Guidance and Tug Service has started.

  • 1995

    Tuzla Shipbuilding and Repair Industry Zone with the participation of the shipyards and subsidiary industry GISAŞ GEMİ İNŞA SAN. Inc. was founded in


GISAS Shipbuilding Industry Inc.; In order to achieve its goals, it shall carry out its activities in accordance with the first Corporate Principles hedef which it will never give up.

  • Reliability, Adherence to contracts with organizations or individuals.
  • Taking Initiative, To be proactive with wide vision in matters of interest, to make quick decisions,
  • Customer Orientation, Keeping the interests of the organization / people serviced to the end,
  • Conservative Responsibility, Tow use the Corporation’s resources in the most accurate and responsible manner; working without harming the environment,
  • Planning the Future, Planning for the future,

The developing shipbuilding sector and maritime trade are putting the GISAS into a positive starting point, while at the same time there are many difficulties to overcome this development.

Gisaş is moving forward with shipyards and partners.


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