15. Preparation for marine pollution and Emergency Response exercise

In accordance with the provisions of the Law No. 5312 on emergency response and compensation of damages for pollution of the sea environment “and relevant legislation, gisaş Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd., which is the authorized intervention company with the participation of the personnel in the emergency response plans of UN Ro Ro, which is located in the shipyards of Tuzla, and gisaş Shipbuilding Industry Co.,S. “preparing for sea pollution and emergency response” was carried out by the Ministry of environment and forestry.

According to the scenario; the 11600 dwt ships from the port of UN RO Ro have crashed into the 3400 dwt ships for maintenance and repair purposes in the DESAN Shipyard due to the helm lock. Because the loyga ship was injured by the starboard, the engine’s rash occurred on the sea.

Gisaş 15. Preparation for marine pollution and emergency response the November 2017 exercise was successfully carried out.

As a result of the findings, it was decided to close the open sea (solid) barrier of 200 meters and to close the open sea (solid) barrier of 100 meters and to close the loyga (gisaş VIII trailer) vessel of GISAŞ and collect the pollution with the help of skimmer and sorbent materials. The application has been terminated by referring to the collection of pollution and sending it to the licensed disposal company authorized by the Ministry of Environment and urbanization.

Tuzla aydınlı Bay, which was organized by GISAŞ and held on the fifteenth, was attended by Tuzla Harbour presidency, Marmara and Straits Coast Guard Regional Command, and environmental and Urban Planning provincial authorities. As a result of the exercise, the adequacy of the personnel to follow the instructions received by the personnel during the operation and to use the equipment has been re-evaluated.
Gisaş will continue to serve in Tuzla Aydınlı Bay with the aim of contributing to cleaner seas and a cleaner environment.