It is a service tariff of Tuzla GİSAŞ GEMİ İNŞA SAN.A.Ş. which is prepared in line with Undersecretariat of maritime affairs of Turkish Republic's instructions datedly 01 Ağustos 2003 and will be implemented from 01 Ağustos 2003 onwards.

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The provisions of the Port Regulations are valid which published in the Official Gazette with No. 28453 and dated 31/10/2012 by  Republic of Türkiye Ministry of Transport, Maritime and Communications.

1- Tariffs are applied with 50% discount for newly built vessels and inbound/outbound vessels for repair, maintenance and amendment in shipyards.

2- On official holidays including New Year, religious and national days, tariffs are charged with 50% increased. In practice, the date and time of the service are used as base.

3- Tugboat tariff is charged with %100 increased to the vessels which is engineless / powerless engine.

4- These fees are in USD and are calculated for a single entry.

5- Lashing service is taken only for once at mooring and unmooring to dock

6- Waiting fee for pilot 120 USD/ for each hour and fractional

7- Waiting fee for each tug 180 USD/ for each hour and fractional

8- Escort fee for each tug 400 USD/ for each hour and fractional

9- Charge of towage and each tug 600 USD/for each hour and fractional

P.S: Escort fee for tugs and towage charges can vary by tractive force of tugs.