The pilotage and tugboat services, one of the main activity areas of our company, have started in 1998 and the boundaries of our service area are the area of jurisdiction of the Tuzla Port Authority.

GİSAŞ is aware of the fact that the pilotage and tugboat services, one of the main areas of activity of the company, are not ordinary commercial activities considering their navigation, life, property and environmental safety-related aspects as well as the current practices around the world. In that context, GİSAŞ continuous to provide its services with 5 tugboats, 3 tie-boats and 1 pilot boat as well as the experienced dynamic personnel equipped according to the Seamen’s Regulation, that are capable of fighting against fire and sea pollution around the Tuzla Region and nearby shores for 24 hours uninterruptedly.

Rendering safe pilotage and tugboat services has been one of the main principles of GİSAŞ.