GİSAŞ is the leading company in Turkey regarding the importation and sales of grit material to shipyards, which are among the principal branches of activity of the company. The abrasive NICKEL SLAG Grit used Turkey-wide for the blasting works in the shipyards is imported with the properties compliant with the Ministry of Environment and Forestry and world standards, and provided for the utilization of the shipyards. Our company has adopted two separate methods for the marketing stage of the grit to the shipyards, while taking all the measures required for protecting the human health and the environment during the importation and distribution processes. Those are; either in bulk or in big-bags (approximately 1000 kg- bags) depending on the utilization and storage capacity of the individual shipyards.

Although efforts are spent in order to provide alternative methods to grit-blasting, which is an important stage for paint preparation process that removes the paint and rust on the ship’s plates, in terms of hardness and dusting, the grit is evaluated as the most suitable product for the blasting works carried out in the outdoor areas.

At a stage when the search for alternatives is developing rapidly, our company, which is assertive in grit sales, is continuing with its studies the cost-effective methods and application thereof, keeping its research and development-oriented identity at the front plane, starting out from the position of being a World-Class company in the Turkish Shipbuilding sector and maintaining that position.