GİSAŞ, is an integrated part of the actions and decision processes of the shipyards in order for the shipyards in Turkey to become world-class.

GİSAŞ will expand on the areas planned for the coming years and develop through the technological investments. Due to the need for the services that will increase, there will be a larger need for the specialized know-how and services of GİSAŞ. Those developments on the other hand are important not only for Tuzla Shipyards, but for the development of Turkey as well. However, GİSAŞ is aware of the fact that those developments will not be easy. Enabling expansion and development means the making of choices. And, the quality is the key in making those choices.

Three Objectives for the Future

  • Strengthening the competitive standing of the industrial complex internationally;
  • To help strengthening the economical structure of the shipyards through the services provided for the shipyards;
  • To make contributions for a better place to live and the environment.

Among the important components of the GİSAŞ’s vision are;

  • To improve the physical condition of the Tuzla Wharf,
  • To align the activities of its workshops with the work environment of the shipyards, thus creating regional contribution,
  • In order to improve the accessibility of the shipyards, to provide uninterrupted Pilotage-Tugboat services;
  • To find creative solutions in order to strengthen the existing services and environmental consciousness.


GİSAŞ is developing together with its partners in order to become a world-class service company.

GİSAŞ has two Important Objectives for performing this Core Duty:

  • To improve the safety and efficiency of its services, and in addition;
  • To develop and manage the investments deemed to be of interest if made jointly, and to construct the buildings; in short, to develop our shipyards commercially and help them to operate without interruption