GİSAŞ Shipbuilding Industry Co. Inc. the principal values below in order to achieve its objectives:

Reliability, Adherence to the agreement;

Commercial Pro-activeness, The methods and vision set forth with foresight and understanding;

Customer Focus, Giving the highest priority to the interests of the shipyards and customers;

Protective Responsibility, Distributing the resources honestly and with responsibility, while operating with environmental awareness and knowing the attached responsibility;

Sustainability, Operating with a view to the future in order to become a world-class organization.

While the developing shipbuilding sector places GİSAŞ at a favorable starting point, it is also posing a lot of difficulties in terms of carrying such development.

  • GİSAŞ is moving forward with the shipyards and its partners
  • Focusing to the coming years, to provide all the possible products in order to maintain and strengthen the competitive standing of the Shipyards in Turkey,
  • To meet the investments to the machine-shops and the existing needs of the shipyard sector through cost-effective technologic solutions,
  • Developing the Pilotage-Tugboat services,
  • To maximize the benefits derived from the infrastructure and to establish the structure that will be used for long years, Maintaining the continuity of the merchant fleet that calls in GİSAŞ’s port,
    Cleaning the solid waste in Aydınlı Bay via using the sea-sweeper “Clean Tuzla”, are the tasks facing GİSAŞ.