Our Quality, Environmental and Labor Healt and Safety Policy

  • Industrial complex strengthen its competitive position in the international
  • About our activities,accepted national and international legislation, providing services within the framework of rules and standards,all stakeholders life,property and environment ensure the safety of
  • To provide the cooperation and infrastructure required for maintaining the continuity of the commercial fleets calling on the port,
  • To meet the existing needs of the shipyard sector in the most efficient manner by means of the investments in the workshops owned.
  • To clean the sea out of the solid wastes in the Aydunlı Bay using the sea-raking vessel “Temiz Tuzla for a better life and to contribute to the environment,
  • To comply with the legislation and other conditions related to the Quality, Environment, Labor Health and Safety (ISG) issues
  • To ensure the continuous improvement of the Environment, ISG and Quality Management System Performance,
  • To take the measures that will minimize the environmental impact and ISG risks and rnder the working environment safer, to protect the health of the personnel and prevent injuries.
  • To use the natural resources efficiently and minimize the wastes
  • Aiming at sustainable development, to apply the technologies that will improve our environmental performance,

Those are the policies applied in order to maintain and strengthen the competitive position of GİSAŞ focusing on the coming years.