While the activities undertaken by GİSAŞ Shipbuilding Industry Co. Inc., which was established with the participation of the shipyards and side-industries operating in the Tuzla Shipyards Zone as per the directives of the Republic of Turkey, Undersecretariat of Maritime Affairs in order to provide support to the shipyards and subsidiary industries and to carry out its activities in particular on the subjects indicated by the Undersecretariat of Maritime Affairs since its establishment were:

  • To carry out the Pilotage and tugboat services for in the Tuzla Region, and
  • Importation and distribution of the grit material used for blasting operations to the shipyards, the branches of activity have increased as follows in order to contribute further to the developing shipyard sector:
  • Wharf operations,
  • Collecting the solid wastes from the sea using the sea-sweeper vessel Clean Tuzla
  • Sifting facility services in order to dispose of the grit materials used, and
  • Organizing training activities (majorly welding personnel) due to the sensitivity on the labor health and safety of the personnel employed / to be employed by the shipyards.